Monster Book
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It all starts with a book that has two horizontal cuts on each page: each page has three flaps that turn independently. An animal is drawn across the flaps on each page; each page has its own animal. Because the animal has been drawn on a page with flaps that can be individually turned, when the flaps are turned, it makes surprising new creatures. Whimsical monsters that are all your own.

1 & 2  Preparatory drawings  First, we discuss animal categories. What characteristics does an animal have that makes it unique? Does the animal run, fly, swim, or crawl? Does it have a mouth, or a beak? Does it have fur, scales, or skin? Does it have markings and patterns? Does it have feathers? Does it have claws? We’ll think of the things that make an animal special. We will make preparatory, practice drawings of the animals that we want to include in our books.
4 & 5  Book drawings We’ll spend two classes transferring our drawings to the book’s pages. We work carefully, so when the flaps are turned, the various parts successfully assemble. We draw animals with everything; their feathers, fur, beaks, markings, wings, paws, claws, and webbed feet! We draw an animal and what makes each animal special. We draw everything in pencil first, then go over the pencil images with markers of different thickness and colors.
5 & 6  Paper puppet and assemble our book In the first class each student will pick a creature their book has created, trace it and glue the tracing to a book cover. We will trace another creature and cut it out in card stock. In the next class we will paint our puppets and book covers, put our puppets together and assemble our books with ribbons. When this class is done each student can take their book and puppet home.

1st grade - 5th grade  (6 class workshop)